CIC Became the First Parexel Alliance Site in Malaysia

PAREXEL International is a multinational life sciences consulting firm. It conducts clinical trials on behalf of its pharmaceutical clients to expedite the drug approval process. It is the second largest clinical research organization in the world and has helped to develop approximately 95% of the 200 top-selling bio pharmaceuticals in the market today.
PAREXEL International has adopted several important strategies to sustain growth and maintain leadership in serving the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry in their effort to advance new treatments for patients in need. “Site Alliances” with selected healthcare and clinical research organizations is a key area of focus for PAREXEL, with the overarching aim to drive clinical trial efficiencies, improve reliability of delivery for their clients and deliver healthcare benefits to patients.
With this recognition as a Site Alliance, PAREXEL would work with CIC to increase the flow of clinical trial opportunities to UMMC.   We hope that this would provide great opportunities for us  to increase the number of clinical trials being conducted in UMMC.   We would also strive harder to improve our services and the quality of clinical trials in UMMC.